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L.D. George Angus

Medical Visionaries

Give yourself amazing inspirational knowledge about impact of medical pioneers, preserving legacies, inspiring future generations, and honoring contributions.

L.D. George Angus

Unveiling The Legends:

Celebrating Medical Visionaries, Their Revolutionary Contributions and Sacred Resting Grounds

A remarkable history of medical foundations, celebrations of legacies, and efforts to maintain the important impact of its founders on healthcare. Indulge in the inspiring stories and stunning visuals that help you learn about the challenges and contributions of the founders, visit their resting places, and hear their incredible stories.


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I have specialization in critical care and now I am a board-certified surgeon. I have a lot of experience in the medical field, having published broadly, teaching surgeons, and currently serving as the trauma director at Nassau University Medical Center and Renaissance School of Medicine.

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Book Themes


History of Medicine

Beginning with its development in premodern cultures like Mesopotamia and Egypt, the book explores the entire history of medicine. 


Cultural and Religious Influences

Showing how beliefs and traditions influenced techniques for recovery, cultural and religious influences on medical practices are explored.


Challenges in Ethics and Morality

The article focuses the medical ethics, especially the method of never charging patients for services provided by doctors like Cosmas and Damian.


Legacy and Continuity

Sushruta and Imhotep, ancient medical pioneers who built a foundation of modern medicines, are honored that showed the ongoing evolution of medical knowledge.